KINK 集配と服従について


Bring me your shadow, your fears, your wounds, your DESIRE to be WHOLE. Therapy + Tantra +Kink= not your typical BDSM session. NEWBIES welcome!

thegoddess Kayak Kwan Yin is a Therapeutic Dominant and Tantric goddess who can use SACRED BDSM/KINK tools & rituals for some of the following::

Reclaiming and Healing the Inner Masculine/Feminine or Youngling Self

Working w/ Archetypes (soul retrieval)

Letting go of Shame or Guilt,

Transformation and Shadow Work

Ritual and Ceremony

Trance and Vision Quest


Healing or coming into wholeness, holiness, integrationa nd authenticity


Moving in and through the energy into awakening

Discovery, Uncovery and/or recovery of that which is lost, hidden, suppressed, rejected or denied

Working with consciousness, energy, sensation, impact, power & the chakra system to increase vitality and inner harmoney

Divine Dominance (Noble Leaderhsip)

Sacred Submssion/Service

Reweaving a new memory

Mentorship and guidance as you enter into the world of BDSM/Kink

Therapy + Tantra + Kink= NOT your typical BDSM session

the goddess adores subs who want things from this list
learning to chant Kirtan/invocation, using singing bowls, pop/country music playing/singing, driving/errands, cleaning, getting punished or blessed with a Divine phallic object, flogging, spanking, forced bi, feminization, cross dressing, martial arts/boxing, reiki, fitness/exercise domination, ritual/learning Tantra, medicine journeys/soul retrieval, performance art and video

NEWBIES WELCOME, however, only those that are truly willing to LOOK DEEPER at themselves will continue.  An intake questionnaire will be sent to you.  A 90 minute hands off, clothed INTAKE SESSION must precede our session work.  This session is will assure the best outcome for our sessions together.  BEGIN YOUR intake form NOW.  Same day appointments possible.

I have trained in the combination of Tantric Sacred Sexuality and Therapeutic Kink. Therapy kink is using therapy AND kink together to heal your wounds.   I am so blessed that I have a job that uses all my talents. I guide healing in men, women, couples, old people, all kinds of amazing people. I use kink to unlock past trauma and as a tool to enhance Tantra rituals for my clients. Therapy Kink clients have traveled me to as far north as Aomori and to Okinawa from Tokyo and I have clients that I coach by web who live all over the world.

Most of my domination experience is as a pro not lifestyle domme (although, if you possess some of the listed skills and truly wish to serve me as an exchange, please write this in your contact form).

Even if I am a professional kinkster, i must LOVE the work that we are doing. I DOMME WITH LOVE and PASSION, so money does not give you automatic access.  I am not a slave to money.

Ultimately my life path is that of a SACRED HEALER, and on the BDSM test they confuse this with being a mommy, but its not the same. I am a teacher and a guide.  I dominate with knowledge of my Tantric Practice, as a facilitator for you to break through from your current behavior that no longer serves you.  I stand as a guide to lead you to a new perspective that is impossible for you to see from where you are right now.  I understand the constantly shifting nature of our constantly shifting power roles in Domination and Submission. I will teach this to you and we will practice this on each other.  I see my submissives as GODS I AM TRAINING, and i don’t use name calling or degradation as part of my training. If I pour my period blood on your head, it is an HONOR not a DEGRADATION. 🙂

If you are interested in booking a Kink Therapy session with me, please copy the questions of this form into an email and send it to me:

I am a good match with the following SUBMISSIVE SKILLSETS               下記のスキルがよく似合います

1. 日本語の言語交換/支配と服従の文化を教えてこと
2. Driving 車を持ってるの人
3. Guitar/Musical Instrument Competence ギタや楽器のスキル
4. Professional Photography/Video/Music Production                                                                  5. Companionship (meaning I have to like hanging with you a lot). 正確とよく似合う     6.  Shibari/Kinbaku skills or interest  縛りと緊縛の興味あり


I am bisexual. Queer. Genderqueer. Sometimes I wear a dick. Sometimes I do drag as a man with a painted on beard. I’m not trying to pass as a man, but at the same time, I would like to be addressed with male pronouns (GOD, HE, SIR) when I am presenting as a man. I only top when I wear a dick. I refuse to do it any other way. Understand that if you ever get the privilege to put it in your mouth that it “IS REAL.” and i do “really feel it and love it.” Tantra, which is influenced by Indian Hinduism believes that each of us are both masculine and feminine so this was a great discovery for me, as I’ve probably been genderqueer but femme presenting most of my whole life. I love bisexual partners.  I don’t have sex in my Tantra sessions nor with my subs so this part of my kink usually only gets playtime in my personal dating arena. Sometimes I think and feel like fucking but then don’t. I can do that. I am unattached to any outcome and so should you be. I do what pleases me.

Tantra is why I call myself the goddess NOT female supremacy. I believe that my subs are GODS in training, or at least the subs that I have relations with. I meditate after orgasm. Tantra is not a religion, its a philosophical leaning. Energy consciousness. Trust is derived from vulnerability and authenticity.

Oiran Dochu (Edo Period Courtesan Parade), Tayu (Highest Ranked Courtesan) with her servants is a rare glimpse of men serving the needs of women and walking 3 steps behind.  Japan is a far more male dominated than America/Europe.












== Results from ==
95% Switch
77% Submissive
69% Daddy/Mommy
66% Dominant
62% Vanilla
55% Non-monogamist
44% Master/Mistress
37% Rope bunny
34% Masochist
26% Girl/Boy
20% Slave
20% Experimentalist
19% Owner
18% Brat
18% Brat tamer
18% Sadist
10% Degrader
10% Degradee
10% Primal (Hunter)
9% Rigger
8% Exhibitionist
7% Pet
7% Primal (Prey)
7% Voyeur
4% Ageplayer