Megami (女神meaning goddess in Japanese) Mariko (真理子meaning child of truth) Passion, aka the goddess Kaya Kwan Yin is based in Tokyo, Japan where she moved from Los Angeles, California two years ago.  She has been practicing as a Tantra goddess practitioner for 5 years total, and throughout greater Japan since June 2016, and has over 17 years of experience working in the field of human sexuality.  She coaches remotely to clients in different parts of the world and Japan, maintaining a web coaching business with U.S clients.   She can culminate sessions in hands on or off in person sessions in a location that is convenient for her and her client, encouraging distant clients to use Tokyo as a healing retreat destination if possible.  Her new Japan based Tantra business will be called  Tokyo Tantra LOVE and will use the name Mariko (her actual Japanese name) as her local brand name.  Her former brand uses the name Kaya Kwan Yin based on the Chinese name for the goddess of mercy and LOVE, known in Japan as 観音様 Kannon.   Ethnically half Japanese and half Chinese American, she is working hard towards expanding fluency in the Japanese language daily.   Currently offering discounts to do Japanese only sessions for clients so that she can practice.   This intends to build her ability to welcome foreign and Japanese clients into her temple space.   Currently, most of her clients are English speaking foreigner men but she hopes to expand that reach, in efforts to spread heart connection and healing energy exchange to all people in Japan who want to experience it.

Tokyo is one of the loneliest places I’ve ever lived in, the energy of suicide and workaholism is something I feel in the underground train tunnels and the crowds of Shibuya and Shinjuku when I commute everyday with millions of people who barely acknowledge each other’s existence in an effort to be polite.  I long to share my art of sacred intimacy to reach the hearts of all the lonely seekers and reflect and share the goddess LOVE that has power beyond culture, nationality, protocol and even language.

Mariko is a performance artist, a writer, a life coach, a teacher and lover.

Tantra is not just my business, it is a way of life, my spirituality, my purpose to share love energy as the goddess on this earth.