What is Tantra? タントラって何?

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means “weave and loom.”  21st century Tantra is available to you in TOKYO or worldwide in private and group sessions!  It weaves and looms ALL THAT YOU ARE so you can awaken your BEST SELF and your HIGHEST TRUTH.  Contemporary Life Coaching Practices weave together Tantra teachings in a customized program designed especially for you!

Tantra is a spiritual practice.  It is not a religion.  It acknowledges a higher power of some form, if agnostic then it can be as simple as the sun’s heat and moon’s gravity, but the willingness to release our human systems of controlling outcomes is key.  Buddhism originally came to Japan via India and Tantra has many elements of Indian Hinduism and Buddhism also weaved into it, yet it does not have the restrictions of organized religion.  It acknowledges the Divine within each man (God) and woman (Goddess) in every moment on earth.  Therefore we bow to each and Namaste, which means, I see the God/dess in you.  This bow, with our hands clasped together over our heart and head bowing from the neck, is similar to the Thai Buddhist bow (ワイor wai )and different from the Japanese bow お辞儀 where the hands are at the sides.

Tantra is NOT Kama Sutra.  Actually, neither Tantra nor the Kama Sutra is exclusively about positions for sexual intercourse, but popular culture has distorted the understanding.  Tantric Life Coaching (the modern adaptation of Tantra in my sessions), as explained by one of my teachers, Shawn Roop of Tantraquest, is the bridging of humanity and spirituality.  It is not just sex, but it does not, like many spiritual practices shy away from the inclusion of sexuality and the body.  The philosophy is more of a way to live your life, and a way for you to clear blockages from your life habits to live life to your fullest.   In fact, it sees these elements as part of the most important ways to access a true relationship with God/Universe/nature or be most holy.  Sexual energy is a connection to nature and life, and Tantric sex is not defined in the same ways as you may currently define as sex.  Sex in Tantra, simply means the union of the masculine of the feminine, which is constantly occurring within our own bodies, in the energy of our thoughts and actions and without physical intercourse.  Tantric sex, therefore is much less complicated.

Every form of pleasure and even pain is a form of our healing.  Energetic buildup and release can be defined as orgasm in Tantra.  CRYING is a form of orgasm from the eyes, for example.  So is LAUGHING. 

Worshipping of the lingam (penis) is seens as worshipping and honoring the LIFE FORCE ENERGY that the male organ represents.  The same is true about worshipping the female genital organs or yoni in Tantra.  In Kanamara, they have an ancient festival (left photo) where the procession is a giant phallic symbol carrying the energy of the heavens blessing people with FERTILITY, FORTUNE AND PROTECTION (from enemies, in the Kanamara festival particularly sex workers would pray for protection from STDs).  Therefore, lingam and yoni worship is less about physical sex than it actually seems in Tantra, but as everything else, the portal to our whole body and beyond sense of spiritual sexual union.

Tantra is about the dark AND the light and our activities seek to integrate these into our sessions.  Life coaching and Tantric Sessions can teach you how to MAKE AMAZING LOVE with your inhibitions OFF and your MIND OPEN.  Prepare to feel orgasm with your clothes ON! This knowledge will be a game changer and will help you to become a better lover. 

 Understand breath and full body orgasms.  Be able to be in full control of your sex energy INSTEAD of having it control YOU.  RELEASE RESULTS BASED paradigms and feel pleasure, calm, safety, nurturing and relaxation about ALL OF IT.  RIGHT.  NOW.

Then…Learn to add that magic to what you already know and combine energetic awareness with the physical for NEW AWAKENINGS TO BLISS!

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